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Technical information

Our planes

Theated required dimensions

Download our technical sheet

Minimum height  : 4 m

Minimum width : 12 m

Minimum length : 18 m

  • Due to its light weight, our planes can only fly indoor, sheltered from the wind.

  • Our airplanes have been designed and produced by us. It’s a useful way to verify and control each manufacturing stage. This ensures optimal reliability coming from our 18 years of experience.

  • The planes are slowly flying over the public. They present no specific danger as a result of their reduced mass (7.05 oz). They also have a secured system at the level of the propeller’s strap which enables it to take down in case of impact.

  • We have a specific insurance bound to our activity.

Chaix Brothers Theater

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Additional details

Chaix Brothers planes act

Wingspan : 35 inch

Weight : 200 g (7 oz)

Electric motor (silent)

Made of polystyrene and carbon 

Remote controle frequency 2,4 GHz

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